About Game

Teen Patti is a popular Indian game normally played in a group of two or more. It is an Indian gambling card game just like Poker. It uses a 52-cards pack leaving the joker cards. Every individual is given 3 cards. A boot amount is decided on the basis of judgment by the players. The boot amount is collected from each player and put in the pot kept at the center of the table. As the game advances, the pot money increases depending on the cards received by the players. The winner of the game is the one who remains in the bidding for a longer time and has the highest pair of cards whose rankings are given below.

Each player contributes to the boot money depending on their judgment in the case of blind playing (not seeing the cards) or seen playing (players who have seen their cards).
A player who checks the cards at the time of contributing to the pot money can play their steps according to the progress of the game.

Players who have not seen the cards are called blind players. Whereas, one who has seen their cards, are called seen players.

Ranking of the cards is mentioned below ranging from high to low.

  • 1. Set (Three of the same rank)

  • 2. Pure Sequence

  • 3. Sequence (run)

  • 4. Color

  • 5. Two cards of the same rank (Pair)

  • 6. High card

New Voice Chat Feature

Humans have a tendency of judging people on the basis of their reactions, actions, and talks. How great it would be if you get to talk with other players in the virtual mode while playing Teen Patti?

Will it be very interesting to know what other players think and take a step towards their possible win? Will it be easier for you to take your steps and win the game? With Teen Patti developed by us, you get a chance to talk with other players who have joined the game virtually with you. You can understand the chaal made by other players to decide your chaal.

Game Variations

Here are some variations to play in this game which makes it more interesting and another level game playing experience. Each variation has its own special gameplay rule which is also explained below.


The least Ranking Combination has the highest rank and vice versa

4X Boot

Boot will be 4 times in this variation

Lucky 13

10,J,Q,K are FacOff Cards and care consider to have value 0. The Player with Highest Sum of all other 1 to 9 cards wins

Red vs Black

Diamonds and Hearts are considered as Same Color(Flush)-Red. Spade and Clubs are considered of Same Color (Flush)-Black

Lowest Joker

Each Player’s Lowest Ranking card is considered as Joker for him.If there are two same Lower Cards Both are considered as Jokers

Highest Joker

Each Player’s Highest Ranking Card is considered to be the Joker for him.If a player has a Pair of High Cards then both of them are considered as Joker

Color Joker

All Cards having same Color as Joker become Wild Card (Wild Card)


The Dealer pulls out one cart at Random after dealing and Nominates all cards of same Rank/Strength/Number as Joker

Teen pe Teen

Every User will have a Trio of Cards. Lets see who has the Guts to last Long and win !!!

Ak 47

Ace, King,4 and 7 become the Joker in this Variation.

Face Off

Cards 10,J,Q,K and A are faceoff cards.Each Player of the table will get atleast one faceoff card.The player with the Highest Rank cards is the winner.


All face Cards (Jack, Queen, King) and 10 are considered Zero for this Game and Ace is considered to be one.Those People whose cards value is nearest to 999 is the winner

Chatti Baat

Its One time BET, Equal To Max Chaal.All Cards are Dealt and Shown. The One with the Highest Combination wins

Amazing Graphics Experience

The difference between virtual and real is removed with the graphical attempt we have made in the form of Teen Patti. You will never feel like you are playing in the virtual model of the game.

With chat being a part of the game, you get the best user experience while playing the game. Once played, you will be fond of playing this game every day because of the way it is designed. Easy to understand and easy to use are two of the major benefits of playing Teen Patti.

We have taken care of each and every graphical representation which may be either in the pop-up format, notification format, etc. while you are playing the game. You will never deny the fact that this game gives you the best graphical experience ever.

Game Play Highlights

Let us have a look at some of the eye-catchy, mind-boggling, and deciduous moments of the play in the form of short highlights. It would be interesting if you reach out at the same moment we have covered in the highlights. Become a part of this virtual gameplay and enjoy the awesome experience we have created for you in the form of Teen Patti.